Rotary Wheel Balancers, All in One Car and Heavy Duty Vehicles

Rotary Wheel Balancers, All in One Car and Heavy Duty Vehicles

Rotary Wheel Balancers for Heavy Trucks and Cars

Several years ago, the Heavy Truck Industry (Medium to Large 18 Wheel Trucks) required specialized HD tire machines for the extremely large design of the wheels. Most automotive repair shops could not service Medium to Large HD Trucks as their automotive shop equipment was too small for the job. Anytime your shop turns away work, you are losing profits! Improving your shop’s equipment capability will greatly enhance your customer base.

Auto Shop Equipment and electronics have changed for the better! The Rotary Car Lift company now offers two models of wheel balancers with the capability to service small cars like Honda Civic to massive Kenworth Semi Trucks!  Gone are the days of buying specialized wheel balance machines for each vehicle category.  Rotary extreme duty wheel balance machines can handle maximum assembled weights to 441 lbs, both models also come standard with wheel lifts.  No more manual heavy lifting!

Rotary R540
The Most Affordable Car and Truck Wheel Balancer 

The Rotary R540 model comes standard with automotive and heavy truck adapters.  Rim diameters range from 10” to 30” maximum.  Tire diameter is extremely large at 51” maximum.  Simple and durable LED Display offers “Auto Stop On Top” and “Hidden Weight Mode” for custom/aftermarket wheels.  Running on standard 110 volt electrical, with a relatively small footprint, this R540 model is perfect for a mobile tire business.  It is hard to beat this tire machine for under $8,000.

 Rotary R544
The Car and Truck Wheel Balancer with the Highest Technology

The Rotary R544 model comes standard Heavy Truck adapters, car adapters are optional.  The Rotary R544 has the same large wheel and tire range as the more affordable Rotary R540 model but with much more advanced electronics.   The R544 includes Microprocessor Control, self-diagnostics and a full color display screen.  The R544 also has a pneumatic wheel lock (No Wing Nut) for faster and easier operation.  Many Off-Road 4×4 Shops using extra-large wheels and tires will choose this wheel balancer model .  All this performance and balancing technology is available for under $10,000.

Great Quality & Warranty

All Rotary Tire Machines are made in Italy to the highest standards of quality.  Rotary Lift Company warranty is three years on Electronics, one year labor, parts and service available long term.  Rotary Lift’s reputation for durability is unmatched.  In business since 1925, Rotary has a USA location in Madison, Indiana.  All wheel balancers Include: freight, set up and on-site training for employees.

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