Alignment Machines

Alignment Machines

Alignment Machines have really become sophisticated and complex in recent years. The current trend with high speed processors and clever wheel targets design have made them real money makers for your auto repair shop! In years past, slow computers and lengthy set-up procedures made doing alignments a chore. Now we have Aligners with advanced computers and, more importantly, wheel targets that hold themselves to the tire center tread area instead of inside the rim bead.

Why does this matter on Alignment Machines?

Years ago, tires were not designed with extreme low profiles and “old” style alignment targets easily attached to each wheel edge. Today many tire manufacturers design extremely low profiles with “Curb” protection shoulders near the bead and rims edge. Only buy a new alignment machine that has “Modern” style targets that hook to the tire center tread and pull themselves against the wheel! No more rim damage and these new target designs are far quicker and more speed means more profit.

Sensor Type Alignment Machines

There are two main types of aligners produced today, Sensor or Camera. The Sensor machine will utilize a wireless network to communicate to each of the car’s four wheels electronic targets. With a “Sensor Type” machine the electronics and measuring technology is attached to the wheels themselves. This technology is slightly older than a camera design but has some advantages: no obstruction in placed in front of your car lift. Also, these “Sensor” style machines are durable and reliable. Cost is also an advantage, Sensor Alignment Machines are really quite affordable these days, it may not have all the bells and whistles of many expensive Camera style machines, but they get the job done and will last long term.

Camera Type Alignment Machines

Camera aligners are considered the most advanced on the market today. Cost is far higher with these machines, but they have much greater capability. Some of these Alignment Machines have Bar Code readers to scan VIN numbers, Quick Check, 1-2 minutes alignment print outs and no electronics being utilized on the car’s four wheels targets. This technology uses cameras with simple reflectors to read tire wear angles. No more electronics being carried and attached to the customers cars, the camera shoots at each reflective target. While more advanced, some brands require a “Camera Post” be bolted to the shop floor in front.

Rotary Car Lift now produces a unique system with no camera post where a bracket attaches the Camera System to the lift side rail. The Rotary R1080 Aligner has solved the annoying post issue normally associated with Hunter Engineering machines.

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