Top 7 Used Automotive Shop Equipment Tools

Top 7 Used Automotive Shop Equipment Tools

There are a number of good options when buying used automotive shop equipment. In our years of experience as the best option for new and used equipment, we’ll like to offer the top choices when buying used, saving you money and yet getting the most out of your investment.

1. Brake Lathes

Automotive Brake Lathes are surely one item you should consider buying used.  There are three top brands to consider buying used, Ammco, Accu-Turn and Hunter Brake Lathes.  All three of these brands last for many decades and have spare parts support.  The combination Brake Rotor and Drum models are best.  With more basic manual readouts, they last longer than the digital display types.  Never buy a machine made in China due to poor quality.   A professional quality Used Brake Lathe can be obtained for $2000 to $5000.

2. Pipe Benders

Exhaust Pipe Benders are extremely expensive new, so it makes sense to find a high quality used machine.  There are only two brands to consider when buying used: Ben Pearson or Huth Pipe Benders.  Both of these top brands are made in the USA and are fully supported with parts and tooling.  Its critical when buying a used pipe bender for building custom exhaust systems, that you make sure none of the dies, tools and adapters are missing.  Also make sure it covers the exhaust pipe diameters you plan to use.  Used pipe benders can be found quite often in the $3500 to $5500 price range.

3. Frame Machine

Body Shop Frame Racks can be found used but are heavy and difficult to transport.  Used frame machines from top brands like Chief, Chassis Liner or Continental are good choices. It’s best to research the make and models first, to determine if spare parts are still readily available.  One area to inspect is the main lift seal and check all hydraulic hoses for oil leaks.  Many used frame machines suffer from numerous cracked or brittle hydraulic hoses which can be re-made by yourself with the assistance of local hose suppliers.  Used frame machines prices range from $4000 to $9000.

4. Automotive AC Machine

Automotive Air Conditioning Recovery Machines are not easy to find in good condition used.  Only consider buying top brands like Yellow Jacket, CPS or Mahle. It is best to look for a used Robinair AC Machine, as this brand has the best long-term durability.  Always insist on testing or seeing a recent video of an AC machine functioning with no issues.  The problem with many used automotive AC machines is they get gummed up internally with sealer and debris.  If your used AC machine was purchased with Pre-Filters replace them right away.  Used automotive AC recovery machines can be found priced from $1500 to $2500.

5. Tire Machines

Used tire changers and used wheel balancers are one of the top categories we get requests for here at AMA.  Used tire changers are readily available and it’s possible to find professional brands that will last many years trouble free.  The top brands are Hunter, Coats, Corghi, Hofmann, CEMB and a few others. Recently Rotary Lift Tire Changers have proven extremely reliable.  Tire changers are mainly mechanical machines and can be repaired easily. Used wheel balancers are now very high-tech and have complex electronics internally.  It is much more important to check that service and parts support is available for any used wheel balancer you consider buying.  All professional level tire machines are made in Italy, USA or Germany.  Used tire machines range from $1750 to $5500.

6. Alignment Machines 

Automotive alignment machines are very expensive new, but professional equipment can be found used for reasonable prices.  Used Hunter alignment machines are by far our top request in this category!  There are only three Hunter models to consider buying, WA100, Hawkeye or Hawkeye Elite alignment machines.  All older Hunter models are no longer supported with parts and service.  New and used alignment machines requiring proper matching of 4 post or scissor racks.  Any top brand used alignment machines with work with any make of car lift.  It’s important your customer vehicles maximum weight and wheelbase are considered before buying an entire automotive alignment system. Prices vary greatly depending on need but generally range from $5000 to $14000.

7. Car Lifts 

Used automotive 2 Post Car Lifts and used 4 Post Car Lifts are great choices if you pick the right brands.  Rotary Lift is the best brand, but you can also find good car lift models from Challenger, Mohawk, Forward Lift and older version of Bendpak.  Used 2 post car lifts usually suffer from hydraulic leaks so insure its properly sealed before purchasing it. Never buy a used car lift that has been sitting for many years, as it is guaranteed to leak and cause many headaches!  Used 4 post car lifts can have more issues such as bearings, cables and slider blocks. All need proper inspection. Its always best to see a used car lift working before purchase or buy one from a professional lift installer.  Car Lifts come in many weight ranges and lengths.  Its not always best to go extreme, high weight capacity lifts are not well suited to modern low ground clearance vehicles.

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