Semi-Automatic Single Refrigerant Recovery/Recycle & Recharge with 50 lb. tank

Semi-Automatic Single Refrigerant Recovery/Recycle & Recharge with 50 lb. tank


Key Features

• Semi-Automatic simple to use Recovery, Recycle, Evacuate and Recharge machine. Built for the working man.
• Utilizes manual ball valves in place of solenoids making the AR2700 impervious to contamination and sealants.
• Simple operation for oil waste and air purge
• Microprocessor controlled recharge makes the AR2700 accurate to 1/10 oz or 4 grams
• Easy to read high and low-pressure gauges
• High efficiency 6 CFM vacuum pump will dehydrate the system to 50 microns
• All steel durable construction
• The AR2700 can be programmed for 50LB, 90LB, 40 Kilogram tank.
•Comes with a 50Lbs tank included with the purchase of an AR2700
• 115 Volts, 50/60 HZ, Single phase, PSI/KPa gauges
• 2 year limited warranty

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AR2700 | Recover, Recycle, Recharge
Models AR2700TA
Compressor Type 1/3 HP reciprocating compressor
Dimensions 22” W x 24.5” D x 42” H
Weight 120 lbs (does not include tank weight)
Operating Range 0˚C (32˚ F) to 49˚C (120˚)
Power Source 115 VAC 60Hz 1Ph 100VAC 50 / 60Hz 1Ph 220-240VAC 50/60Hz 1Ph
Consumption 500 W
Suction Pressure
Gauge -30 inch Hg to 125 PSIG
Pressure Gauge 0 to 500 PSIG
Filtration 16 cubic inch drier w/ moisture indicator, .7 micron oil separator
Manual Control
Valves Ball Type Valves to control HI, LO, Recover, and Vacuum
Charging Valve 12 VDC Solenoid Valve
Construction 1” Heavy duty tubular frame construction
10” pneumatic wheels, 4.5” swivel casters
Protection 15A Thermal Breaker 10A Thermal Breaker
High Pressure
Shut-Off 30 bar (450 psig)
Refrigerants* R134a, R12, R22, R502, R404a, R402a, R401a, R407c, R409a
Single or multiple
refrigerant use Single Multiple Single Multiple Single Multiple