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Why us?

Wheel Balancers are extremely complex electronic machines. Many car manufacturers utilize balance machines that require their service departments to own, they resolve design issues like vehicle drift or tire manufacturing flaws which cause customer complaints. As Senior Chassis Engineer at two major automotive manufacturers, I have extensive experience testing tires at Goodyear, Michelin and Bridgestone proving grounds. I will be glad to share my knowledge regarding tire balance technology, drift/pull and force matching with best practices to solve difficult vibration problems.

Key Points

Many customers contact us with questions regarding which machine will best suit their shop. Unlike a tire machine, which have many easily replaced mechanical components, a wheel balancer most often has electronic boards and components sensitive to proper calibration for achieving accurate results. For example: A modern balancer may utilize lasers for wheel weight placement, sensors for radial force measurement of an entire rotating tire/wheel assembly! Not every repair shop needs all the high technology accessories found in extremely expensive machines. We have many other choices of new models that may suit your budget and customer base. Once you determine your customer vehicle usage and wheel/tire assembly type, call us.

There are Four levels of repair shops that use different types of Wheel Balancer Design:

Very first question we will discuss together is; which shop type best matches the service you offer below?

  • 1. Standard Auto Repair (No Custom Rims No High Performance Cars)
  • 2. High Performance Repair (Standard Passenger Car & Performance Tires with Low Profile)
  • 3. Custom Rim Shop (Expensive Custom Rims & Performance Tires Only)
  • 4. Heavy Duty Truck (Commercial Truck, High Priority on 19.5", 22.5" & 24.5" Rim Sizes)

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