AAMCO Brake Lathe 4000E Combination Disc and Drum

AAMCO Brake Lathe 4000E Combination Disc and Drum

Model #: 4000E

Part # 95000106

Combination Brake Lathe with variable speed and electronic variable feed for Brake Drums and Rotors, Less Adapters, (Must be Purchased with a Bench Lathe Adapter Kit)

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Key Features 

  • Custom digital finishes – By digitally controlling the feed rates, it’s easier to find that sweet spot for your particular application, giving you the highest possible quality finish available.
  • Shift on the fly 3-speed – The 4000E is the first lathe with an integrated, synchronous gearbox and shifter. Now you can choose the speed that makes the most sense for your work piece, right at your fingertips.
  • Forged alloy steel arbor – Two tapered mounting surfaces add stability and handle up to 200 lb.
  • Feed slide protection keeps travel surfaces free of dirt and chips.
  • Positive rake tool bits allow for low-pressure, precise turning that produces superior machined surfaces with less chatter, every time; negative rake tool bits are also included.
  • Solid twin cutter tool simultaneously resurfaces both sides of rotor.
  • Micrometer-precise depth-of-cut dials embossed in metal and calibrated in both thousandths of an inch and tenths of a millimeter; easy reset to zero.
  • Extended spindle increases drum capacity to 9.875″.
  • Full-drum support hex boring bar guarantees correct tool angle for drums
Part Number 95000106
Shipping Weight 4 lbs.
Volume High
Type Rotor & Drum
Tool Bits (shipped with) Both
Application Car & Medium Truck
Standard Max Arbor Capacity 200 lbs
Spindle Speed 100,150, 200 RPM
Spindle Bearings Bronze Sleeve
Rotor Feed Rate Variable, .001” to.018”/REV
Rotors Yes
Motor 1 HP
Max Rotor Thickness 1.875″
Max Rotor Face Width 3-3/4″
Max Rotor Diameter 14.5″
Max Drum Diameter No
Max Drum Depth 9.875″
Double Taper Arbor Yes