Used Automotive Equipment

Why buy Used Automotive Equipment with us?

You could spend hours on the internet searching for good used equipment but truth is only a small percentage might still be for sale. Many of our competitors leave pictures of machines on their websites for years that was sold long ago! Tell me what you need, I will find it for you.


Used Automotive Shop Equipment is one of the top requests we receive here at Automotive Machine Advisors. Due to the extreme cost associated with top level equipment, we have decided to put high priority on finding only the finest used brands available. Never buy brands without a proven history of long-term durability in busy repair shops and more importantly, spare parts availability!

It makes no sense to purchase a used Hunter Alignment Machine that can never be repaired if it breaks down! We are so sure you will be pleased with our Used Auto Shop Equipment, we offer a 30 day parts warranty.


Automotive Machine Advisors keeps track of which brands and models will perform in your busy shop environment. Imagine using a company you can trust, which also provides machines that are proven, reliable, and will be proud to own.


Used Automotive Equipment

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