Car Lifts

Why buy Car Lifts with us?

Car Lifts are extremely popular these days. We offer Commercial Auto Repair Shop Lifts we now sell Residential Car Storage Lifts. I visit hundreds of auto repair shops every year and see all the creative ways shops owners utilize their spaces and make them more profitable.

Car Lifting technology has progressed to include many options that not only save space but speed up your repair times. As experts in this field we would be glad to share our knowledge, call today to discuss.

Auto Shop Repair Car Lifts

Every auto repair shop must have lifts of various types to insure their business is working efficiently and suits the needs of their customer’s vehicle types. Ideally, and to be more profitable, we always suggest a combination of 2 Post Car Lifts and 4 Post Car Lifts.

Some of our customers are now using Quick Scissor Pad Lifts (Scissor Lift) to make car inspections faster and easier. We can help you you pick the correct lift for your existing shop space available.

Residential Car Lifts

Residential Car Storage Lifts and Car Hobby Lifts are cool, what a car guy wants is more space to store cars or work on their old classics! By far, the most popular home car lift is the 4 Post design, which allows you to “double stack” cars in your home garage. Want to add space for more cars? we will turn your normal two bay standard space into a 3-4 car garage for an affordable price, done in a single day! Many options available.

Car Lifts

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