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Every Repair Shop or Industrial business require a reliable source of compressed air. Many customers make the mistake of buying cheap Chinese made compressors at the big box store or discount tool shop and wonder why they break down so quickly! We hear this on a regular basis: I am constantly replacing electrical motors or we bought a compressor and it cannot keep up with our shops air demands. We know how to properly size the air compressor output to your shop needs. There are certain brands and models that are proven reliable and engineered to suit your shop environment, call to learn more.

Key Points

If your shop has normal single phase 220 volt electrical service, we have air compressor models from 5 to 7.5 hp well suited to provide enough air for high usage, like automotive body shops. If your building has three phase industrial electrical service, we can provide even more air flow! Industrial electrical with more load capacity allows using air compressors with over 10 hp electrical motors. Remember, any air compressor no matter if piston or rotary screw generate large amounts of heat. With heat comes condensation, the water content will form in any system and must be addressed, especially in critical systems like paint guns or high-tech machinery. You cannot provide your customers high quality body work for example, if water content is in the air while spraying paint! Some applications require Refrigerated Dryers, High Inlet Temperature (HIT) dryers cool the hot compressed air, provide a path for water to drain away prior to reaching expensive machines or paint guns. We know the answers and only sell high quality compressors and dryers.


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