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Why us?

There are many types of Specialty Machines and Accessories that every repair shop must own in order to a run a successful business. Unfortunately, since low grade foreign tool makers have entered this market heavily over the past couple decades, a lot of worthless garbage is being sold! Certain equipment is worth paying a little extra for, if it will last for many years with no problems! We only sell new or used shop accessories that are proven dependable in professional auto repair shops. Some new technology accessories are now available for auto shop owners to save you time which means more profit. Please do not buy any new or used equipment without calling us first! We sell brands that work.

Accessory Types Available:

  • Air Conditioning (AC) Machines
  • Spring Compressors
  • Floor Jacks
  • Transmission Jacks
  • Under Hoist Stands
  • Coolant Flush Machines
  • Oil Flush Machines
  • Steering & Gear Oil Service Machines
  • Oil Drain Tanks
  • Oil Storage Tanks
  • Hose Reels Air & Oil
  • Fans & Shop Cooling Systems
  • Brake Lathes
  • Automotive Electronic Scan Tools

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