Tire Changers

Why buy Tire Changers with us?

As your advisor on tire changers, I can help you make better-informed decisions so that you will be certain of the positive results that match your customer vehicle types. I have an extensive background in tire testing as a Senior Chassis Engineer at two major automotive manufacturers. Most automotive equipment companies have no employees with engineering knowledge or expertise. We do. I will be glad to show you each tire changer design and why it’s important. We always offer our customers great pricing and never allow you to pay full retail for a Tire Machine, call us first!

Not ready to buy a new machine? No problem, we also have the best brands in used tire changers.

Key Points

When buying tire changers for your business there are some things you should consider. For example the number of vehicles you plan on average per day, the amount of time and effort you find acceptable for each assembly, and what type of rims your customers use on their cars and trucks. Unfortunately, many repair shop owners fail to take into account all factors and buy a machine they regret later. Once you determine your customer vehicle usage and wheel/tire assembly type, call us.

Tire Changers

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