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Car Lifts are extremely popular these days, not only do we offer Commercial Auto Repair Shop Lifts we now sell Residential Car Storage Lifts. I visit hundreds of auto repair shop every year and see all the creative ways shops owners utilize shop space to become more profitable. Car Lifting technology has progressed to include many options that not only save space but speed up your repair times. As experts in this field we would be glad to share our knowledge, call today to discuss.

Auto Repair Lifts

Every auto repair shop must have lifts of various types to insure their business is working efficiently and suits the needs of their customer vehicle types. Ideally, to be more profitable, we always suggest a combination of 2 Post and 4 Post Car Lifts. Some of our customers are now using "Quick" scissor pad lifts to make inspections of cars faster and easier. We can assist with insuring you pick the correct lift for your existing shop space available. Before you simply replace an existing lift, why not call us first so you understand the latest trends in improving shop efficiency! Do Not pick a lift just based on its high weight capacity! Large 2 Post truck lifts with over 12,000 lb capacity typically have designs with high pad heights, not well suited to today's low ground clearance cars. Each shop has a different need and vehicle type, we make sure you are picking the correct Car Lift for your business!

Residential Car Lifts

Residential Car Storage Lifts and Car Hobby Lifts are cool, what car guy does not want more space to store cars or work on their old classic! By far the most popular home lift is the 4 Post design, which allows customers to "double stack" cars in their home garage. Want to add space for more cars? we will turn your normal two bay standard space into a 3-4 car garage for an affordable price, done in a single day! The Residential 4 Post is never bolted down, includes a caster kit and drip trays. The best part is you can move it any time you like, it's a simple 110 volt motor uses existing electrical outlets. If you think a 4 Post design takes up too much space, Single Post models are now available which make for a very clean professional installation. Some guys like working on cars for fun, we offer many styles of 2 Post Car Lifts which provide a safe way to remove and replace parts on your car. Once you own a car lift at home, you will wonder why you spent so many years on your back using old floor jacks, that's no fun!

Residential Car Lifts For Sale

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